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If you can get AV'd thats the best route.

Other wise go King Arms. The externals are decent enough and they are good starter guns. If you have 500$ budget that could get you a KA M4 and a gun doc to basically fully upgrade it for you. Then you will have a far shooting, quality AEG.

Don't forget magazines. I can tell you from experience it sucks when your first game is you running around with a bitch maraca. You will want to grab a couple of Mid caps or a crap load of low caps. You can pickup a box of mid caps for around 50-100 bucks which will last you a long time.

Also don't let people discourage you on this site. The season is just barely starting and people have too much testosterone built up from the lack of plastic flinging (or whatever). Come summer time everybody on here is a bit more relaxed.

Alternatives to the KA are G&G but they can be hit and miss. If you are set on an armalite, you should be paying about 300 for a full metal one. I find a large number of stores sell the lower tier polymer M4's for the same price as full metal ones sold online. The Classifieds are sometimes your best bet with great "starter" kits being sold, normally guns that have been fielded once or twice before the owner lost interest and some times they come with mags, optics, slings ect. G&P is a good brand but the internals are hit and miss. VFC is considered a great brand externally and decent internally. Dboys has some decent budget guns and if you are looking at AK's SRC or Cyma are not terrible but not great either.

Buying an airsoft gun is like buying a car. Make sure whatever type of gun you are interested in you ask yourself if you will be comfortable carrying it around for hours on end and that you can shoulder it comfortably. If you are really serious about this look for form first, then you can spend money on the function.
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