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Now I'm not saying this is the way it should go But. This is the way that our own country works. In order to get a passport in Canada you have to have your picture signed by your doctor verifieing that you are the person that the picture represents. Or you can have a lawyer do it or a pharmacist but it has to be some one that has known you for three years. That and the fact that we Do have to pay them for it. Doctors Do have to verify that athletes are capable of participating in a particular sport so they too have to sign and get paid to do so. Liam offers an awsome alternative and one that our own country accepts when it comes to the Law and Verification. The fact that some one could forge a document would take all resposibility away from the people here at ASC because for all they know it is a proper and legal document.
But the problem is kids, we don't want these things getting into the hands of irresposible kids who could take thier eye out with the damn thing, go flashing it around public, scareing the crap out of thier neighbours and generaly jeprodizing our beloved sport.
Hey they say that the people who took down the twin towers went in through Canada. While it is legaly binding it is not fool proof.
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