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There is a handy tool here on ASC; it is located near the upper right corner of your screen and it is known as "search".
Seriously, I know that this is the Newb Tank, but this is probably THE most common question other than AV.
This question was asked just a week ago, seriously.
There are a ton of threads asking the same thing.
If admins want, I could write up a thread that could be stickied that answers this...

Edit: Sorry for the attitude. I've made a thread that hopefully explains and answers one of the most common questions that we get. I won't delete what I wrote above, as it will serve as a record and reminder to me of my wrongdoing and I don't want to cover it up. If mods wish, I can delete what I wrote. Again, I apologize FrankyV. Thanks RainyEyes.

To answer you properly, odds are you were looking at a VFC, either a VR16 series, or M4ES. If you google "VFC airsoft", there will be a link sending you to a catalogue of all the products VFC manufactures.
The difference between the 2 series is mainly the hopup. On the VR16, it has a rotary dial, while on the M4ES, it uses a conventional M4 houpup.

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