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Originally Posted by Drakker View Post
Then you have been looking in the wrong places. TM pistols can be found under 300$ quite easily. To fix your listing:

KSC -> High.
KWA -> High (mostly the same products as KSC but with cost cutting on a few parts).
KWC -> Very low to mid depending on model.
KJW -> Mid, usually pretty durable too.
WE -> Very low to mid depending on model. High lemon rate.
WA -> High but mostly unavailable in Canada.
TM -> Highest quality.
Originally Posted by Datawraith View Post
KP07 is a MEU, so the mags will be thinner due to single-stacking (less round capacity).
KP05 is your standard Hi-Capa (2011) with a double stack mag, Tanio Koba grips, combat sights.
KP06 is a big fcker; its a 6.1 Hi-Capa. This means the slide is 6.1" long which is ridiculously large. It has fibre optic sights.
KP08 is basically the KP05, but with a polymer frame and slightly different aesthetics.
Thanks, i'll stick with the M1911.
Look better IMO.

Thank you all for your great answers.
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