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I think I will go a bit off the path here.

Although TM's are widely regarded as the highest possible choice for a pistol (followed closely by KWA), these are what I consider cons about TM:
1) All polymer (which is alright for some, and the plastic slide allows for crazy good gas efficiency)
2) Cannot take CO2 (again, alright for some, but in Canada, as the weather gets colder, green gas efficiency drops, as opposed to CO2)
3) Really expensive (and that cost will grow if you get a metal kit for it)

KWA is great for stock reliability, accuracy, gas efficiency, all that jazz. However, the internals are proprietary, making upgrades and repairs difficult. If it breaks on you, if the part is uncommon, odds are you are SOL and stuck with an expensive paperweight.

With those in mind, I will recommend KJW to you. KJW is
1) 100% TM compatible (and partially compatible with quite a few other brands too)
2) full metal
3) works great out of the box
4) compatible with CO2
5) less expensive than TM and some KWA models

KJW is less gas efficient than both TM and KWA, but other than that, you get the best of both companies in KJW.

As for models, KJW is known for their workhorse M9. I have one, most members of my team have one, and these things just keep on going. Their P226 is supposedly quite good too, but you'll have to replace the knocker valve on those almost immediately ($15 part). Their 1911 (KP07) and 2011 (KP05/KP06/KP08) have mixed reviews, although the general consensus is once you properly maintain them, they work beautifully.

Go to a retailer that has a bunch of pistols in store, and feel them in your hand. This will really impact your decision, because a lot of pistols may feel comfortable or uncomfortable (I can't stand Glocks; M9s are a little big in the grip; 1911s/2011s are perfect for me; Sigs and HKs are iffy). So find a model you like first in both ergonomics and looks, and then narrow your brand down. I'm not sure why a bunch of people above are recommending the MK23; the thing is a freaking monster, and the grip is gigantic... It's like HK's version of the Deagle.

Good luck.

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