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that is the strangest thing I have ever heard.

Last time I was sick and needed to see a doctor in a private clinic, it took me 2 houres wait. They where 2 docs working that thay and they where busy as hell.

When I do some escorts in hospital, it take about 3 to 6 houres to see someone and they are also very busy. So this is a very bad Idea.

and Why would a doctor autentifiate you. He don't even know what airsoft is.

It's good the way it is. We just need more regionnal reps. Im a rep and Im very busy. I get a lot of requests for verifications. But what people don't understand is we are not paid to do that. I get hasked a lot to move on my free time to their location and all. If it's near my place I will move, but I sometime get asked to go 30-45 minutes drive from my home to register someone... People have to understand that this is a huge favor and they need to haul their asses to game that we are attending to get verified.

anyway, that's all for ranting tonight.

We have a good systeme, we juste need to expand it.

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