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Originally Posted by Erik_james
Originally Posted by Lord Jebus
So then get someone else other than a doctor to do it...
What if we went to the local police station and got an officer to sign it with his badge number and then meat or whomever could call if there was something fishy and ask to speak to that particular officer... that way if anybody gets around the 18yr verifcation it's not on ASC but rather the law for forging a false statement that that particular person was of age...

I feel that it can do nothing but good to get the law in on the subject helping us keep it safe and such.

I know I'm about to get flamed here... but that's a quick idea that just came to me... yea or nay? let put to a discussion
No that wouldent work either becasue for one, my dad would just verify me then, and 2 anyone could easily make up a fake number (the badge number for the RCMP means that you were that number to graduate from the training camp in Regina) so pretty much anything between 1000-15000 would be accurate. (I think thats the way it worked)...but the point is there would be ways of getting around it.


Sure I can guess a badge number ... but how would I know the officers name?

And if you got your dad to verify you... ASC would have a record that it was your dad that did it and if you went and did something stupid and ended up in court it would fall on your dad for lying to ASC that you were of age and that you should/would have never had access the the buy and sell if ASC had know the truth.

Originally Posted by VipaMave
The system is fine the way it is.

Why should Meat or any other ASC volunteer verifyer have to go out of their way to confirm a person's age (ie. calling a third party)? Its the person's own responsibity to verify themselves by either going to a game or attending an appointment with an ASC verifier.
This was a suggestion for those that are not able (ie. do not live within reasonable distance) of a verification rep, namely atlantic canada. But it could easily work across the board. and if you want to make it so that Meat wouldn't have to call a third party... have the officer write a letter, put his badge number and name on it, sign it and then sign his business card... staple the business card to the letter, scan it and send the scan to meat. That way you can match the signature between the card and the letter... as well as the name and the badge number...
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