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for the moment localfreerider ive did not receive the package or any coms from this seller . Actually is ignoring me since now i cant pm him because is pm box is full . Ive try to contact him with the email he provided for the emt and 2 email later no answer so ive give him a bad trader rating for now and hope im the only guys that dude try to scam with is g17 tm package . BTW he concluded with me monday to shipped wednesday the 4 march , he pm me back and apologized and said i will do it the next day . Since then no pm at all . im in a black hole right now , piss and frustrated since im not a millionaire and dont need to loss 260$ for no reason at this point . For the moment i follow the advice of cobrajrr122 and wait until wednesday the 11 march to give him time to come clean on the deal and after that i will do the law way if i have to .

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