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Question Age Verification Suggestion...

I am posting my first thread on this forum and already I'm telling you a better way to do something that you've gone over a couple thousand times already!

Great - you'll all really welcome me...but here it goes:

I agree completely with Age Verification. But I have been waiting over 2 months for my regional rep to reply to the email address posted on this forum to get back to me - so how about this:

Most of us "Adults" have Driver's Licenses; most of us have family doctors - HIGHLY respected members of our community. So what if you had a nice family doctor who on your next visit you asked if you could please photocopy your DL on a piece of his personal office stationary, have him write something nice about you (ie, "This person is of mainly sound mind and not overly poor body"), you both sign it - and then just fax the document to Airsoft Canada?

If in any doubt at all about it's authenticity - just phone the docter's number and when his assistant say's "Dr. Y's office - what can I help you with?"; hang up real fast and accept the veracity of the document and the person sending it.

Now you'll all tell me what's wrong with my suggestion - go ahead; fire away!

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