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With my "initial" airsoft purchase i bought myself,
WE Tech MSK, 2 extra MSK mags, some guard dog goggle kit (even though i do have a SLY profit back from paintball days), Airsoft Innovations GunGas kit, 100 round speed loader BB <=- without the adapter for my mag... was wondering why it wast working out lol... Silicon oil spray, and some gun grease
My opinion on this:
2 extra mags is quite few to play, it might be good for some quick skirmish games but if you plan on getting into more games where you carry the same loadout for hours and more around a lot you'll see that 3 mags is just too few. There is more and more game that dont allow for reloading on the field to keep an ammo limit.
I would drop the sillicon spray as it is not the best lubricant. Use the oil that came with the oilgas kit to lube inside the mags. As for the grease verify that it is a good silicon grease.

Originally Posted by SpecialEffect View Post
Yesterday was my first time using the gun, and had a problem. My gun jammed 1 or 2 times.

Another issue, i wasn't able to shoot a full mag with a propane refill. At first i thought maybe i wasn't filling it up enough. Anyhow, i ended up doing some research and learned that cold climate and propane is not fun. After abit more research i learned i should of taken my propane tank and put it in warm water and that'll help with a full real fill. I came to the conclusion the problems are from climate. I did shoot in doors however so wasent that cold. (fathers warehouse)
Cold is very bad for GBBR, the vapor pressure of propane drops and it make the gun very hard to use. Also with each shot you cool-down your mag even more and it make it harder to cycle. Filling in cold or warm weather makes no change, it is the temperature of the liquid propane in the mag that matters. Under 15C the performance of a GBBR starts to drop. Dropping a full mag on a GBBR can be done, but is not recommanded, you'd better shot in bursts of 3-4 bb as it reduces cool-down. If you play semi-auto it's even better. Also check that the bolt is well lubed.
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