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Hang on a second.

You said that you wanted to create a RusFor DMR loadout. Okay, so the Dragunov is pretty much your only choice. BUT then you went and said you wanted it in bolt-action. DMR's (and Dragunovs) are NOT bolt-action!!! Get an Dragunov SVD as an AEG or GBBR if you want to make a DMR loadout; this will not only actually allow you to fulfill your role properly, but also have the realism of semi-auto action like on the realsteel rifle.

Now, if you wanted to make a RusFor sniper loadout, then yeah, you could go for a bolt-action. But then you have to burn a lot of money on upgrades to make it worthwhile to game. You'll also have alternative rifles to choose from, such as a nice Mosin-Nagant, which is made as a GBBR I believe.
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