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Originally Posted by Foxer2373 View Post
If your looking for a bolt SVD there are very few out there and they are propriatery parts... Please listen carefully.... BUY SOMETHING ELSE!

You will fall into a money pit that you will never recover on the path of a bolt action SVD, they are cheaply made, propriatery parts and a real SVD is semi auto...
What? The A&K bolt action SVD is one of the cheapest platform to upgrade out there. Wait for xmas/black friday/whatever sale and grab an SVD real cheap (I got mine for 120$). Then you need a few parts from

$33 hop-up unit
$28 steel sear (piston catch)
$28 new piston

Right there you have a reliable SVD. You might want to change the hop-up rubber for a good one, pick your poison there, everyone have their own opinion, but they range from 5 to 15$. You will want to stabilize the outer barrel a bit (various method available, some free, or a $22 part from airsoftpro) and you are good to go. The inner barrel it ships with is pretty decent and makes buying an upgrade barrel a bad value for your money, but you could still do it and gain a bit more precision. A downgrade spring might be required depending on which batch/rebrand you got, some of them fire over 500 fps out of the box, a Systema 160% PSG1 spring ($20) will bring it down to a nice and stable 390 fps.

That's it, every other upgrades is highly facultative. With this you get a sub-300$ platform that shoots torso-size groupings at 200 feet. More than good enough for almost anyone. And there is still room for improvement for the maniac compulsive upgraders out there.
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