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The weight of a trigger pull isn't dependent on whether the slide moves or not. All your trigger pull does is release the spring-loaded hammer. Pulling the trigger won't wind up the hammer, or rack the slide for you, or anything else that requires any more energy than a NBB would.

Accuracy is far more dependent on the quality of your barrel and hop up, than on whether or not the slide is moving back and forth over the barrel. (Unless the gun is shitty, and the slide yanks the barrel around)

Very few pistols need mods out of the box. But they do require very basic maintenance - clean and lube the frame and slide so that the slide can move. Otherwise it's the same maintenance as a NBB. It only takes a minute to pop the slide off, run a tissue down the slide rails on the frame, and the side of the slide, and then smear a thin coating of lube down the frame.

Are you set on the feel of the 1911, AND a D/A trigger? If not, there's plenty of quality D/A pistols out there, and plenty of quality S/A 1911s. For the $200 price range, stick with a KJW though. If you want to save a bit more for a KWA or TM, then that's always recommended, but they're outside your price range. A WE is probably a step up from Skeleton Arms, but I wouldn't recommend them.

I can't think of any pistols that come with a sight rail though. I'm still at work, and can't see which pistol you mean, so I don't know if it's a railed slide (bad idea for a stock GBB), or a frame mounted rail that stays stationary over the slide. Either way, those are generally considered after market parts.

The SS pistol seems to be unique in it's offerings in the $200 price range, for having a NBB D/A 1911 with a railed slide or frame. I can't think of anything to compare it to.

Of course, my suggestion is to ditch the pistol optic, get good with controlling the miniscule recoil of a GBB, and get a pistol whose trigger action matches its common real world equivalent. But if the sight rail is absolutely necessary for you, you won't have much luck with other brands.
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