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Originally Posted by zapper View Post
Blowback degrades accuracy
By the time the slide is cycling backwards the round is already out of the barrel. Blowback does not decrease accuracy; lack of shooting technique and "jack bauer" style "teacup" hand grips decrease accuracy.

Learn some shooting basics and you'll be able to hit a chest sized target out to 20m with a blowback pistol no problem.

Originally Posted by zapper View Post
Most pistols need mods and frequent maintenance
If by "frequent maintenance" you mean "cleaning it" then yes, otherwise if your pistol requires more than that and have parts breaking all the time you've bought a cheap brand.

My "NO BS" advice: Save all your rupees and hit up the classifieds for some deals to get a kick-ass pistol. Or if you can't delay gratification, check out the KP-05 from KJW. Decent workhorse 1911 style gun, about your price range.
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