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Originally Posted by CyanideApple View Post
Hello everybody!
I was wondering if there was any other wage of performing age verification aside from meeting one of the people listed on the thread page.
I came here just for checking out the classifieds as well as getting rid of some extra gear i no longer need, and perhaps a question or two, and don't really want to spend the time meeting someone to get everything verified. I live in Delhi, Ontario, and driving anymore than 20 minutes just doesn't show any appeal to me.
Any solution?
no, proabably not...I drove 30mins in the summer(gas expensive at that time) and through a toll bridge to meet an AV last year cause I was in a hurry to go back for an 1hour drive to my work place...Im just happy that I drove a crappy V6 rather than the F150 i have now....

I would feel cheated if you can just ignore that LOL
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