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BTW, that picture of him in the OP is kinda a weird way to hold the AR?

I learned of the apparent controversy when I saw an interview by yeager after watching that 'runway' thing.

I kinda knew people will see it that way. The fact a gun guy goes to any "airsoft" thing is always considered a step down and selling out to some of the gun guys. Even if he didn't do the runway thing, any association with airsoft will be shunned by some automatically.

But really if you think about it... like who cares. Airsoft is just as good if not better than real steel sometimes because you can play out tactical scenarios and own airsoft version of rifles that are frankly not possible to own as a civilian. So actually airsofters have a better experience that way. Who wants to shoot an ugly super long barreled civilian legal AR15 when you can shoot an airsoft, decked out H&K416 with a suppressor? Costa also made some money so its all good.

But I do realize that in the macho world of real steel, going airsoft is seen as selling out. Add onto that he did the runway thing. Anyway I think its cool. Airsoft is for fun. Even gun guys can have fun with airsoft too. It doesn't have to be an either or kind of thing. And who is more into real steel and is a true gun guy than chris costa? Like seriously. I bet all those bitching about him are less of a gun guy than costa.

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