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Here's a little something for the Costa fanboys.

For those who missed it, Costa was invited over to Japan for "Peace Combat Fes 2015" back in January, which ended up with the whole #Costagate thing after his runway video went sorta viral.

Anyways, Hyperdouraku has some Costa game footage from Sabage Park and Camp Devgru that some of you guys might enjoy. There's a couple of Japanese airsoft personalities some of you guys might recognize as well at the Camp Devgru game.

Costa in Japan - Sabage Park

Costa in Japan - Camp Devgru

Added the runway photo op vid for those who haven't seen it.

Costa in Japan - Runway Photo-op

PS. Anyone recognize the chest rig on the guy running the OD hoodie, tan pants from the 1:15 mark onwards at the Camp Devgru game? Thought it was an Ares Armor slim chest rig but the straps aren't correct.
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