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Originally Posted by MultipleParadox View Post
So are saying that from all the activity on the forums, got only found this 5-6 years old thread that corresponded to "an easy way to get into Airsoft"? Seriously?

First, where are you from? I'll assume around Montreal because the OP was about a game in Montréal; (if not, that's even funnier)

Second, take look carefully in the forums section and there's a section just for "quebec" games and events...
That's how I read it too.

The easy way into airsoft is to purchase or lease a large property, secure the various municipal or local permissions and inspections, obtain insurance, run power and water to the spot, locate materials and construct a CQB city with props and lighting etc., build a lunch counter/kitchen area to prepare and sell snacks and beverages, add plumbing and toilets, then get some wholesale BBs, gear, accessories and a bunch of rental AEGs, find goggles, masks, and so on, plan out some scenarios and before you know it you're playing airsoft with your buddies.

It's how everyone on this site came to play airsoft. It's a completely normal and naturl process.
Airsoft, where nothing is hurt but feelings.
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