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Originally Posted by Slodin View Post
yeah GBB is gonna chew on your wallet for only get like 30 per a mag so you need yeah 6 mags probably. Cause if you are playing outdoors, a lot of the shots gets blown away by wind and also if you are in cold parts of Canada..GBB is not that great...indoors i love GBBs.(RIP we don't have a indoor place no more )

of course you need:
good eye pro - rated
good shoes - ankle protection
good clothing..just comfortable
Plate Carrier - Molle
Mag Pouch
Muzzle sock for safe zone

not TOOOOOooooo improtant, but more of milsim stuff
Camo if you are going to milsim
Bag/Blader? - store food, drink, tools, medkit, gas , bb in a milsim game..

I'm more of a drop in player just to play once every now and then, so the basic stuff served me well...careful buying online for I'm usually a M in Canada, I ordered a jacket from USA in's huge...I had to exchange for a S
Nice... Thanks... I'm probably going to be a drop in type as well... I got work and real life stuff that keeps me busy, LOL
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