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Originally Posted by Foxer2373 View Post
Really hockey fights, baseball brawls, soccer kicks, and almost any other competative sport you all watch them and it happens. Hell even men's league hockey you get a 1-3 game suspension for fighting and that's it.
Personally, no, i don't watch them. Never have. No interest in any sports which involve watching grown men with the potential of smashing each other into boards and gliding away without giving a shit, or converting faces into paste, and earning multi-million dollar salaries, in doing so.

Maybe i'm not CDN enough, or don't have enough testosterone on board to really get off on that shit.. but i'd rather trim my own nose-hairs with a spork, then to pay attention to that.

I'm glad that the end result for this incident, was what Jericho Airsoft posted.

If this happened on a field that i was playing on at the time, and it was swept under the rug.. that field is off the list of playables.. as well as the individuals involved. I want nothing to do with that sort of bullshit, when i'm trying to get out there and enjoy myself. Life is too damn short, for that noise.

Channel the aggression in a manner that does not put others in harm's way, or ruin everyone else's day, or GTFO.

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