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Originally Posted by Foxer2373 View Post
Really hockey fights, baseball brawls, soccer kicks, and almost any other competative sport you all watch them and it happens. Hell even men's league hockey you get a 1-3 game suspension for fighting and that's it.
sorry no, you can't claim fights in airsoft equate to hockey fights.

You are stupid if you don't see the fundamental differences in the 2 activities.

One is a self policing sport of intimidation, the other is running around playing cowboys and indians.

It's a fucking game that's friendly and fun with a bit of a competitive edge, there's no prizes if you win, no championships, no best in the worlds, no multimillion dollar salaries with millions in endorsement deals.

There is no place for fighting in airsoft, and if you believe there is and there's entertainment value in it, I hope you get your ass kicked off the field as well.

You're comparing mainstream sports to a fringe culture activity involving GUNS. The root source of the activity is inherently violent, we are trying to turn it into a teamwork activity that's competitive and fun that happens to involve guns, we don't need any more stigmas involving violent behavior. Enough people are already freaked out enough about us getting dressed up in full camo and running around with real looking guns. We don't need real blood and guts nor do we want to be seen being lenient on people who bring that shit into our game.

The fact that this IS making the news and the rounds on all airsoft communities means people want to sensationalize it and turn it into something it's not. The communities are so far being unilateral in condemning these actions and saying there is no place for this shit and that the punishment SHOULD be extreme. The public eye sees everything and the last thing we want is a legion of suzy soccer moms banding together to start getting this activity banned. If you really can't see the severity of what happened at jericho, you seriously need to wake up.
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