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Do we really need to see what happened before? It was clear in the video that the guy in MC was not being aggressive, he had the other guy pinned to prevent that guy being aggressive. There was no punches being thrown when the father showed up. The father went on instant attack mode and just threw a sucker punch. You can't say, it was wrong and then say I can personally see why it happened.... either it's wrong or it's not.

If it shouldn't have happened then it shouldn't have happened. If he's wrong then he's wrong. There is no justification for it. End of story.
Like I said, it was wrong. It should not have happened. I think he deserved to be banned.

But key word is this shouldn't have happened. Rules should have been better explained (something Jericho freely admits is going to be improved). Maybe that player has a history of a bad attitude (we all know players like that). This is all hindsight now of course.

Me personally saying I can SEE why it happened is completely different from me defending him. If I did that on a field (not that I would) being banned and charged by the police is what I would expect. The guy in the Multicam is a good example of airsoft as he didn't knock that kids teeth in, but instead tried to de-escalate the situation without violence.

Once again for people who seem to think I am defending this group of players, I am not. But I also don't buy into the whole witch hunt thing this shit always turns into. These players should be banned from this field and any others as they are obviously immature and a danger to others. I understand parental instinct taking over but this guy took it way too far and needs some psychological help obviously.
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1+1 = 2
Were you maybe expecting 1+1 = donut?
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