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As stated first priority would have been to seperate the to then figure out what is going on. What he did is inexcusable but people are vilifying this guy. We have two go pro videos in the form of helmet cams and Jericho airsofts statement.

I think everybody agrees that this guy should be banned from games as this behaviour is unnaceptable, but I am trying to look at it from the other side of things. I can understand the desire to protect ones off spring. In this case the guy was wrong, but we didnt see anything before the video and only have a statement about what happened after.

This was completely avoidable but I am just saying I can personally see why it happened. Not that it should have.
Do we really need to see what happened before? It was clear in the video that the guy in MC was not being aggressive, he had the other guy pinned to prevent that guy being aggressive. There was no punches being thrown when the father showed up. The father went on instant attack mode and just threw a sucker punch. You can't say, it was wrong and then say I can personally see why it happened.... either it's wrong or it's not.

If it shouldn't have happened then it shouldn't have happened. If he's wrong then he's wrong. There is no justification for it. End of story.

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