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Mercy rules are one thing, but should never be forced acceptance. This whole 'bang-bang rule' is stupid, and I see it being abused in many videos. Guys pop out and just say "Bang-Bang!", but don't really have the player dead. Mercy is different because its a question, and you must stay on your target, because if they don't accept right away, whether from indecision or freezing up, you shoot them. Guys pop around corners and fire at me all the time close range, and miss. I don't want some idiot going "Bang-bang, bang-bang!", "Wow. Look at all the people I didn't just kill. Hey, call your make believe hits guys.". When I mercy you, it's because you have very little chance to react or retaliate. If you do, I will and can shoot you. I thInk the whole thing is just a big argument starter, many times players say it to each other at the same time as well, and it starts an argument. If you don't want to get shot close range, wear armor. Mercies are supposed to be clean and polite, not a lazy, bullshitty method of not having to pull the trigger.

The father in question in this video was throwing punches at youth, period. He was big enough to control the situation, period. What he did was clearly excessive force, period. I have a little boy, and if anyone hurt him I'd definatwly react negatively, maybe even hurt the person, but not at the cost of my son's safety, not to set a terrible example. Pull the people off of your kid, head-locks and ground throws work well. Get your kid up off of the pavement and safe, cool the situation and find out what happened.

I was at a bar fight one time, and I see this big dude on top of this kid, holding him down. I ran over, threw the guy in a head-lock and pulled him off of the kid. The guy threw his arms up and said "I'm trying to help, he's the one that was fighting.". I let him go, apologized and shook his hand, we explained to each other what we saw, and I helped to ensure the young man stayed restrained. Can you imagine what would've happened if I had just run up and smoked him in the head? I would've drawn all of his friends into the conflict and a brawl would've broken out. Some guy holding down your son is a far-cry from someone ground and pounding your kid. Also, this was an airsoft event, most of the participants looked fairly young. When your kid gets in a fight at school and loses do you go over to the other kids house after and beat him up? If you caught them in the act, would you hospitalize the other kid?

Anyways, I think it was said earlier, "like father, like son". The kid tried to haul the multicam guy down, and the multicam guy got the better of him and was nice enough to just pin him there. The dad, or someone else in a black shirt, ran over and punched him in the side of the head, hauled him off, and then it looked like two or three others started attacking the multicam guy while he was on the ground, so his friends had to jump in to save him. Just dumb.


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