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Like I said I am a father too. We can say that we wouldnt jump on someone in an instant but I personally havent been in this situation. I dont know how I would respond to seing someone on top of my daughter (or son in this case). The situation also escalated quickly once a ounch was thrown.

Once again not condoning the actions in the video, just looking at it from a different angle. My first instinct might have been to rip the guy off my kid, but once everybody is seperated why continue fighting?
I'm sorry but saying that you're not condoning it then defending it... seems a bit contradictory. IMO there is no excuse, no reasonable explanation for his actions. Maybe that's just me but even if I did see a guy in that exact same situation my first instinct is to get the guy off not to throw a punch... There was absolutely no hesitation in that guy, he ran on the scene literally with his arm already back to punch. That's obviously his natural reaction to any sort of confrontation, look at the way he acted afterwords... just kept going even when every one else had separated and stopped.

Also, it's completely different with a son and daughter, if a guy was on top of my daughter... well then maybe I'd react that way. But if my son was in that situation, I'd want to know why first before reacting in that fashion.
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