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the fight wasn't even because someone got overshot...

it was cause the guy in black got all uppity cause he didn't take a courtesy surrender. The field has no surrender rule, so he was like 'fuck you, I'm not taking it' and then he got up in multicam's face who shoved him back cause he didn't want the guy in his space. At that point blacky threw the first punch and multicam took him down and just held him. Then roid raging knuckle dragger dad came in in and started beating on everyone, even on people trying to pull the guys apart.

Honestly you look at this and you have to say like father like son... who freaked out first? MC guy decided he needed to defend himself for whatever reason and just pushed the guy away and 2 guys blew it up, black throwing punches and his dad beating on everyone.

I don't like surrender rules, they breed retardedness and confusion. But you have to be cognitive that some fields offer it, some don't. You follow the field's rules, and if there's confusion, you set it straight, not challenge and abuse another player to submit then.

I appreciate it when someone gives me a chance to just take a hit and walk when they have a rifle in my back, but I'm not going to argue with someone who has me dead to rights but doesn't shoot, even if the rule is not in play.
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