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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
You haven't seen how big corn fed teenagers get.

But as a nod to civility lets bump the age to 35,
I played football in Ontario and against teams from all over Canada. I've seen the 6'5+ 300lb 16-18 yeat olds.

My point is that dad should not have come in swinging. I'm glad they are trying to ban that group from all area fields and functions.

I had something similar happen (getting lit up point blank on full auto) at Mach1. Yea I was pissed, yea I was swearing. Yea, I wanted to beat the guy down with his own shoes, but shit happens. I walked away. I went outside and rage smoked a couple of cigarettes, took my time to cool down.

The guy who did it found me after explained his mistake, we shook hands and let it slide.

Its a game, tempers flare, but we are all adults.
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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post

Give your friend the benefit of the doubt and SHOOT HIM AGAIN.

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