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Playing devils advocate, I would be very angry is somebody hurt my daughter. Some times parental instincts kick in.

But this guy is a total dick. I my daughter decided to attack someone on the field like that kid did, I would 100% make sure any physical interactions where stopped, no matter who started them. Then I would do my best to figure out what happened.

This is a totally unacceptable behavior. But I do understand where it comes from. You have several dozen people, firing projectiles at each other while wearing full military gear. Adrenaline and testosterone are high, SoCal is fairly warm event his time of year so people are probably over heating/dehydrated. Some times all it takes is one misunderstanding to start a shoving match which can quickly escalate.

I am not condoning what happened, but I can see how easily something like this can. That being said, I think these players should be banned (as Jericho confirms they have been) because if you can't keep your temper under control, I don't want to be playing against you.

Although the video speaks worlds about good airsoft players. People where checking up on the kid, trying to break up the fight, turning over evidence ect. generally trying to be helpful.
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