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Originally Posted by beta678 View Post
Bit of fun there, but yeah... think you'd help Prince Abakaliki by any chance? You can verify him over Skype

I'm sure you're trustworthy and all, but in all honesty I can make and print off various ID's which would be passable in person (not that I would), let alone on a HD cam over Skype. The current system works and as others have said it's not just for verifying your age, its also a filter of sorts to verify you as a person and determine whether you're the sort that's welcomed in the airsoft community.

As much as I hate to say it, there are some people who just aren't suited for this hobby (Just take a look at the airsoft brawl thread) and unfortunately scammers are also a real issue in the community (see the facebook groups for example, there's at least one complaint of a scammer every other week). The AV process hopes to prevent that as much as possible and so far its worked well for the past while.

That said, best of luck in getting AV'd.
Thanks, i understand, i just didn't think the whole ID thing would be taken to so deeply to heart. I can appreciate the whole trusting society thing the site is trying to uphold with the age verification procedure, so hopefully i can get mine done soon enough. I have some items i'd like to find and others id like to sell. In due time.
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