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Originally Posted by CyanideApple View Post
Easy with the aggressive responses, i was generally interested if there were other ways IE Skype where i can one on one show someone my ID. I say over 20 Minutes, but that doesn't mean that there's anyone WITHIN 20 Minutes. From what i saw, anyone that could verify me would be well over an hour drives away.
I apologize that I tried to find a simpler solution as opposed to driving an hour for a meet and greet. Glad to see what kind of response certain forum members are willing to give.
Not true. I live less than 40 minutes from Kitchener. While it isn't less than 20 minutes, it's most certainly not as far as you think, you just haven't looked hard enough.

People are being hostile and cracking jokes because all the info you are asking can easily be found in this FAQ.
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