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It was back during Halloween as I recall. I'll be going to FR sometime for a game and hopefully I'll talk to him again then.
M0rphine = Adam. There's a fairly large group of us in KW that needs/wants to be AV'd.
There are 2 universities in the region, and we are starting up a club to expand the sport that we enjoy. As such, many members will be new to the sport, and would like to get quality equipment at lower costs. This usually directs to the ASC classifieds, which AV is needed to access. As well, because they are new, the veterans will also direct them to ASC as their secondary means of finding information, the primary being to ask us vets first.
As many of us are students, we simply don't have the means nor the time to travel to get AV'd simply for the sake of doing just that; hence, the TAC15 suggestion.
Please do not insinuate your assumptions without knowing the circumstances.
What we really need is a local AV'er in KW that is active and willing to AV.

Edit: Sorry to semi-hijack your thread CyanideApple (who I do not know by the way RainyEyes).
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