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I would supply the flag, and if the teams get a pic of their team with the flag, it would be uploaded to the thread/forums, I would ship it to the first team, from there it would make its way around to all teams in that area, then be shipped to the next area that way there should be as little as possible on shipping. As for the flag being shipped to each member, that shouldnt be necessary, have your team get together at a game or an event or training day and do the signing there as well as pic, and I would like that eventually it get shipped back to me once it's made its way across Canada, that way as new teams spring up on asc, I could arrange to ship it out to them. (The only reason I ask that it make its way back to me is for tracking and organization and to upload pics of it as new teams sign it)
As it stands for now though I'm looking to see if the interest is there first before I go out and get the flag.
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