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Originally Posted by BattleBorn View Post
So, I literally just finished my Firearms safety course and I rushed home to post this as I didn't remember seeing it anywhere...

So it turns out (about 2 months ago, there was a new ruling) that ANY pellet gun, paintball marker, Airsoft rifle, etc. that fires faster that 214FPS is considered a "Firearm". This means that they now need to be stored like a "Non-Restricted" firearm. That means, trigger guard locks AND they must be stored out of sight. Basically just like any other real shotgun or rifle.

This is the most information from one site that I found HERE. Basically it means that if your house is searched, and an Airsoft rifle is found NOT stored like a Non-Restricted firearm, it's up to the police officers discretion whether or not you'll be getting a small ticket or you'll be getting the book thrown at you.

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If it is indeed classified as a "Non-restricted Firearm" or "Uncontrolled Firearm"?

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