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Originally Posted by HonestJohn
Hosting is a North American market, I could care less whether my host is US or Canadian, really. I chose theplanet for reliability and a reasonable price for the package I want. There are many US based hosts that will have a better connection to your home computer, than a canadian one might. Physical location isn't the only factor in good performance. A powerful server that's well maintained (from a large provider like The Planet) will go much further than something that's local, but poorer quality.

Originally Posted by jaymz1911

Just a quick question? : Why are you using US servers for hosting? Isn't there ones here in Canada that could be used?

Just a thought....
Thank you HonestJohn ;-) for ansering my question, it makes sence, I myself would probly done the same... Gotta love MORE power :tup:
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