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Tm m14

quality is great. Everything is metal but the heat shield and the stock.
Solid heavy gun right off the start. Everything about the gun is quality. Trigger pull and the whole semi auto mechanism seems to works effortlessly and flawlessly so fair. No jam ups in semi thus far like other TM guns.

Shoots very quiet in stock form. But don't let the quietness fool ya. They are shooting at least 300 right off the bat. Some people's as high as 320.

Shots are very consistent. Accuracy is superb. Best AEG I have ever owned for accuracy.

Basic upgrades are availible as the gun uses standard bushings,piston/piston head and springs so thats enough to take it up to about 360-380 fps. I did this to my gun and its shooting incredible at 360 now. At 300 FPS it was already outshooting other aeg's I had that fire around 350 FPS. Now I probably out do many 400 FPS guns for range.

The reason being this. The hop up mechanism is simply brilliant in design. Allows for a very very fine adjustment of the hopup and it doesn't slip. It stays put. Now you can finely adjust the hopup like never before to give the most consistent, straightest tragectory possible.

There are a few things as far as upgrades that are going to be v7 specific. spring guide and gears. The spring guide is now out but no upgrade gears out yet but I am sure it will be very soon. Also it uses a slightly different method of securing the barrel in the hop up. Current Tightbore barrels can me modified easy enough to work or you can wait and get the specific m14 tightbores that are coming out.

I really could go on and on about how good this TM gun is. Its my most favorite Airsoft gun I have ever owned. And I have owned many armalite varients,m249,m60's,mp5's and others. Its a top notch AEG that is miles ahead of the others in my opinion. Can't say enough about it.
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