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The shields are in the same category as drones, and 499 fps full auto DMRs and all those other crutches for weak players.

They get shot up every game so they think "if I had a SAW" I wouldn't get shot; but then it's heavy and they get shot. Then they think if "I was a sniper" they'd win; but then they get shot a hundred times. Then they think "if I had a DMR that hosed out 99 rps I could win"; but then they get shot and no one likes them.

Then they think "if I had a VR Drone I could find those people shooting me and get to them first and I'd have a riot shield and an army of two invisible poncho so they couldn't see or shoot me and I"d have a BB laser gun that would vaporize them"; and they still get shot.

So they start flying RC planes or target shooting. But they still come one here to tell it how it is. And they're still fucking lame.
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