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Originally Posted by Tahna Los
Hey, for the techies out there, could we have a more detailed "play by play" of how they made it worse and how it was fixed in two minutes?

Tech Speak for us geeks is t3h s3x4y!!!
Hmm... since you asked, and I'm working on the server right now....

I can only guess, because noone will own up to it, but something like this:

I order RAM through reseller, request to install between 4 and 9 am at the DC.
A week later (I have no reason to beleive they didn't place the order originally), no RAM, reseller contacts DC, DC tech realizes they blew it, and installs ram in a hurry, at 2pm.
Won't boot, kernel panic, he claims I modified the kernel, stick in rescue disk, leaves box to reseller tech.
*Now, at that point, I've gotta say... if I'm installing hardware into a system (I do some windows tech support), first step is to shutdown and reboot or inspect the system specs somehow, make sure it works BEFORE you mess with it... I'm sure he was in a hurry, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure....*

So a few hours later, the reseller techs claim they've got it back online, but the 200gb (/home) isn't accessible, but they say they found my /home anyway *puzzling*.
At this point, came online, buck with 6 month old data. That freaked me out, that maybe they had rolled back to a local backup that was 6 months old (although that makes no sense, neither does getting kernel panic from a system that just runs mysql and apache all day long).

I realized they had brought the original 40GB (what I purchased it with, and /boot) with the /home from when I bought the server from them. Well, the only site that was on on that /home before we moved to a 200GB was aso, and it was cpied to the 200gb /home when it was installed...

After 2 days of techs fiddling around with it, the mount schema was a total mess, and the techs had given up (I'm not a linux guy, but I'm learning quick, let's say). I was chatting with Arnie about it, and he offered to give it a try. He managed to remount the 200GB (so data was accessible at least), but everytime we tried to change the mount schema to what /boot and /home should be, the box wouldnt boot. Since I didn't have direct access to DC techs, it meant waiting almost 12 hours before someone would reboot from a local terminal, so every time we experimented, it was another day and a bit lost.

The reseller techs were scared to even try and install the RAM at this point, because of what might (but shouldn't) happen.

That's pretty much when I said "fuck it" and went looking for another host. These guys were fine when things were good, but they couldn't come through in the clinch AT ALL.

Now I'm going to get the old system wiped with a fresh OS, and hopefully sell the contract to someone else, although I don't stand to get much of my capital investment back (I don't own the hardware). has my server online 4 hours from payment time, and smoothed over the transaction process. I've sent off 3 support tickets since I got it (one my mistake, and 2 other small things that needed correcting), and they were all replied to in less than 10 minutes, at any time of day. I got a tech on the phone in less than 45 seconds when I called their 800 number. That's called good service...

and... yeah.

/back to work
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