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Originally Posted by zombiesniper View Post
"I have many parts most new never used. Sold as lot only no parting out."

Above quote. I've seen a few sales threads like this where there are a few things I'd be interested in but I'm not willing to buy the rest of the garbage to get them.

Oh ya post a dam pic if you are selling hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. Without a pic I'll have to assume it's so busted up that you're embarrassed to show it.

Plus 1000!

Doesn't matter if I can buy all the seller has. If they've a few items I've no need for, they could lose out on a sale! Why not sell a piece here and there. They'd get some coin sooner, and it'd reduce the price for others who might be interested in what's left.

And, yah. Seller wants coin but won't put effort into the ad? No pic = no sale. "Won't upload" is a lazy excuse when there are so many image hosting services available.

One more thing; blurry, shaky, crappy pics or vids in ads, reviews, etc. Smartphone tripods are available at Dollarama. Turn on a couple of lights. Make sure your item isn't on a busy background. Improve your standards!

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