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Aside from accessories. His about a good eye protection that doesn't fog.
I feel this is one of the most overlooked items in one's loadout. When I initially started airsofting my biggest gripe were my goggles fogging up. No matter how expensive or how accurate your gun, you can't use it effectively if you don't know where you're shooting! It's much more fun to play with a $100 gun, and be able to see than to play with a $2000 gun and not be able to see.

I don't have experience with the anti fog patches or sprays but my solution to this issue was to buy a pair of ESS Turbofans (cheaper alternative are the Turbofan clones); solved all my issues. I know people recommend removing the foam surrounding the goggles to allow better ventilation, but I feel that can be potentially dangerous. Much like how many fields don't allow mesh goggles due to BB breakage/shrapnel, I feel removing that foam could potentially allow for a small BB shard to pass through and cause some serious damage.
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