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G&G Armament CM16 Raider-L AEG issue

Hi Guys.

I just bought a G&G Armament CM16 Raider-L AEG to do some plinking. My thinking was that I could shoot some paper at about 10 m without worrying about decrease of CO2 pressure or firing all the many rounds that would empty the CO2. The AEG would shoot as many rounds as I wanted with the same power as long as I had a full battery. The CM16 looks and feels like a flat-top M4 but it's plastic so it's also relatively cheap.

The issue is that my plinker shoots about 10 cm to the left at 8 m. I checked the barrel alignment with the sights by looking through it at the target and it is just fine. I suspect the problem is in the hop-up but am not sure. Before I go out and upgrade the plastic hop-up and (why not) the barrel, I would be happy to confirm. When I wheel the hop-up down, the arm is slightly offset to the left as seen from the "chamber", but then the gun shoots to the left even with no hop-up applied. If I tilt it 90 deg to the right it will shoot about 3 cm high. At least it shoots consistently and puts 3 shots in less than 1 cm constantly (at 8 m)

I also wrote to G&G an am waiting for their answer.

Thanks in advance, guys.

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