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Today is January 25th 2015.

1 week from today is February 1st 2015.

February 1st 2015 is the last sign up day and final payment deadline for the last and final East Wind.

After February 1st 2015 the entire airsofting world can clearly be divided into the select few who have been to East Wind and the very many who have not.

Years from now, perhaps you too can be sitting around the campfire being regaled with stories from East Wind told by a player who you know full well was not there and sit there quietly smiling knowing that you went to one of the few airsoft events that has poser issues. Airsoft Stolen Valor... Sheesh...

If you are coming, you know who you are. Pay up cheapskates.

If you are not coming, you can pay us anyway but that's probably not a sound financial decision.
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