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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Yes I'm talking about Jasper T., he was (is still?) an AV rep lol... He was actually the one who did it for me back in 08. Shortly after I left the province because of school/work and stuff. I knew a couple of the guys in Van but have no clue if they still play or not (Militia, Pwner, Whisky, Schoolboy, Optix, etc.).
Wow crazy! Maybe I should ask him when he gets back. Or maybe even facebook message him and see if he'll age verify me since he knows me pretty well and he knows I'm almost 30. Weird that I never knew he did it.

I remember Optix. I think that was the guy I was trying to find originally to age verify me a while ago. I have never met Militia, Pwner, Whisky and Schoolboy yet. Or maybe I have but don't know their call signs.
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