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Originally Posted by siggypoo View Post
A lot of airsoft receivers will have no serial numbers. SN's aren't why they might be iffy, but their perceived potential to be lobbed in with real firearms is. There doesn't seem to be a plethora of logic used; read these forums about CBSA issues with importing gearboxes. Yah! Gearboxes, for Pete's sake!
You'll find frames and receivers without SNs online for lower prix, but you still risk CBSA pointing and wagging their fingers at you. Same for airsoft mags with fake rounds in them. Same for silencers.
A lot will get through, some won't.
Use your Age Verification to peruse our classifieds, and to post your wanted. And connect with any of our sponsored retailers you'll see in the upper right corner of the site each time you F5.

Off topic, do you play Unreal Tournament 99 a lot?

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Hahaha I did used to play Unreal Tournament a lot back in the day. But that's not why my name is Flawless. haha It's such an old name. I want to change it but I don't know how. I think I made this account when I was like 17. I'm now 29.

Thanks for the info. I know a few private retailers that live close to me. But it would be nice to be age verified. I tried to get age verified a while ago but it was such a hassle. I went to a bunch of airsoft games and asked around and couldn't find the guy to age verify me but I got close with retailers at games and they helped me get things I wanted.

Some of my airsoft buddies were able to import slides with no troubles but couldn't customs assume they could be modified to fire real ammunition?. The laws are so weird in Canada. Such weird specifics to it. If one detail is off it can be seized.

So I'm guessing a Detonator PX4 slide and outer barrel will be fine then even though it has a SN on it.

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