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Tim Foolery
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Anyone having issues ordering from Milsig?

I placed an order on Jan 6 for two GBB mags. My order has been sitting with the status "Paid Pending Shipping" ever since.

I called last week and explained that it had been over a week and my item had the same status. I was assured that it had shipped, but the site had just not been updated to reflect it. He said I should be getting my order in the next few days.

Yesterday marks 2 weeks since I ordered and I still haven't received anything and their site still shows the same status.

I live about an hour from their store... It shouldn't take this long. I received an order from Trigger Airsoft (Located in the same city as Milsig) in one day just before Christmas.

Is this common practice for them? If so I don't think I'll be ordering from them again.
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