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Originally Posted by naminator View Post
Jimmy-no-tooth should have been brought to the game by a legal guardian over the age of 18 (or whatever that regions age of majority is).

Also if JNT's mother has 5K in a vacation fund, she should have insurance. I have insurance for my wife and daughter through my work. If I had a tooth shot out, pretty sure I wouldn't be too concerned about getting insurance to cover the damage.

Or you know, spend 15 dollars on a mesh mask lol.

It is almost like hockey. Kids start off playing with full face mask helmets, either wire or plexiglass or a combo (I have had all three) and eventually you can make the decision to switch to a half face shield (I did when I started playing pickup hockey).

With airsoft your level of protection is largely your own responsibility. You can scrape by with the bare minimum eye protection and that's it, or you can get proper fitting, high quality full seal goggles, a face mask, a helmet and eye protectors. Game hosts should enforce what they are comfortable with of course, but a lot of it comes back on the players.
Claim on her insurance and pay the deductable? No dice.

If a kid is at a game joined to the hip with a parent and tagged of with a solid waiver that's one thing.

I'll put a little side bet out there that the kind of games this guy will see around Nanaimo are not like that. Any takers?
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