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lol..not worth it..part out sale might get you more...takes a bit more time tho
what is more funny is what happens if a few people bought it, but never reached 40 in a reasonable time? are you gonna play fair to continue the lotto or refund. also gambling without a license is illegal activities to my knowledge. (not illegal if you are not caught I guess)

Personally I would rather buy what I need and never do a lotto, some lottos where some retails do are actually not bad, as in you get a pistol 100%, just a chance to get something better for a cheaper price. 100 bucks for all or nothing is not gonna work. I sold a lot of stuff at the retail cost or even a bit more sometimes depending on where you live. Prices here are a bit off the charts so I can buy cheap from east coast and then sell high here..It's weird..Although I only do this if I need to get rid of something I don't need anymore (and usually I expect people to low ball, so I set the bar high, then comes people who just throw cash at me a couple of times..)
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