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Originally Posted by WinnipegDragon View Post
My indoor field cleared the pistol already, they allow CO2 since the arena is pretty cold for a good chunk of the year and green gas tends not to work very well. The pistol is a dual gas version though so I can change it up when needed.

I'll look into the BDUs that you mentioned, L473ncy. SgtDirtNapps is also local to me so I'll check out their stuff.
Ahh... right you got the KP-08 and I mentioned that in a post on the first page. If it's fine for your indoor field then great. However like I said they do shoot a bit hot on a fresh CO2 capsule then normalize down to more reasonable levels.

And like the others said make sure your AV guy submitted your info correctly and follow up. When I did mine I just sent a quick message to verify that he did and got everything spelled correctly and whatnot (spelling mistakes do happen and people also do forget to update).

But thanks for being patient. I guess it comes with the maturity and the fact that you do have a bunch of stuff already and can afford to wait. You've been on the internet, I'm sure you've seen people who want everything now and aren't willing to wait.
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