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If you want quality BDU's the UR Tactical stuff is good and Crye is top of the line.

I bought the Team Soldier Multicam BDU's (kind of tan/green, it's designed as a transitional pattern) off armysurplusworld. If you want green Multicam Tropic, you're going to have to go with TruSpec (good stuff for what it is) UR Tactical (mid-high end) or Crye (high end).

OR if you don't want that pattern and get straight olive drab from a surplus store that's good enough (or Flecktarn is a good pattern as is US Woodland, Russian patterns, or the Danish M82 is kind of like an analogue version of CADPAT in my eyes, and whatever else there is out there)

$150 shipped to my door for the Team Soldier Multicam (transitional) IIRC. Will be a bit more for you because the dollar is a bit weaker (~80 cents on the dollar)

Same with what Ricochet says don't get a CO2 pistol unless you can use greengas mags in it, and if you do get a greengas pistol it might have high flow valves on the mags to get it legal to bring in, so if you are shooting a bit hot (for a pistol for CQB or engaging below MED's) you might just need to get some regular valves on it.
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