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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Your fogging/condensation issues would be much worse, and they would start immediately. If you live in a wet air/humid environment, such as the coast or southern Ontario, then fogging is part of life. Things you can do to mitigate or control fogging would be; remove some foam from around your goggle seal to promote airflow, do not have a hat brim or surface covering over or above your eyewear as it'll help trap in moisture, open up the collar of your combat shirt so heat isn't funneled straight up your face.

Any place you play that has insurance will likely require full sealed ballistic or paintball eyewear. Safety rated won't cut it as it illegitimate the insurance. If recommend ballistic eyewear regardless, as any safety rated eyewear, such as ANSI or CSA, says very clearly, that once the lenses are scratched or take a hit that they are no good. That doesn't mean that they won't stop a BB, but the manufacturer won't back them up. So one BB strike equals they go in the trash now.

Don't scew around with your eyes, get proper protective lenses designed to take projectiles continuously. If you're a sweaty/high body heat kind of guy, look into a paintball mask with thermal lenses and fans. Your other alternative is to get a large/non low profile goggle, with good face space and mount a more aggresive fa kit to it.
Appreciate the info Riccochet. my issue is the sweating inside the mask not fogging. IMO the water being trapped in my mask is all due to the seal of my goggles having contact with my forehead, for me thats 90% of wear i sweat from.

Originally Posted by Slodin View Post
if you are that cheap, just go get a cheap ass paintball helmet..probably would fog on you (which is same as thing shit) but it won't break on bb can buy paintball masks off of craigslist or other sites to get it used and even cheaper

I personally bought a 30 dollars mask before that is in great condition and it's new for 70 dollars..never fogged and great protection.
I see a shit ton of paintball masks for cheap on craigslist in BC right now..

read the Q and A. that thing is not for airsoft..

yeah its not about money i have revision dessert locusts with the fan. its more about dealing with the sweat inside the lenses.
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