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Originally Posted by DBspotter View Post
1. Players who buy Gucciflage, helmets, plate carriers just like the SOF flavour of the month, and more pouches than there's use for all in the name of looking "Operator" yet this player runs an AEG with a lipo and 120 round micaps. If you want to play like the big boys get a GBBR (polar stars don't count), real cap mags and try carrying an actual 300 round rifle load out.

2. AEG's.......period

3. Any mag capacity larger than real capacity

4. Players that don't understand the true beauty and gift that being part of a team/brotherhood brings to you, the team, and even the community as a whole.

5. The word MILSIM. If Airsoft games were set up like real military training ops we would all sit around looking off into the distance, rain or shine, waiting for an attack from an undisclosed number of enemy forces, at an undertermined time. Some times the attack would never come. That's real MILSIM. Renegade once used the term BATTLESIM to describe a couple of his larger events. I feel this term held more weight to describe large scale events than MILSIM.
Can't agree with you more. This is also a reason why I'm a bit tired from airsoft in Vancouver.
Velocity, Distance, Acceleration, Time...

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